Isabella of Chicago



Screening is very important. I need to do whatever I feel is necessary to ensure that I am meeting with a gentleman who will not harm me. That is why I insist that all my clients are screened. The information that you provide me during the prescreening process is kept strictly confidential and used to verify that the person who is contacting me is the same person that I will be seeing. Screening may also require references from other established ladies to make me feel comfortable. I may also employ other safeguards such as a check-in with another party at the beginning and end of our appointment.

My clients are gentlemen. As such, they understand that I need to feel safe and they fully cooperate with my screening. If screening becomes cumbersome and I do not have your full cooperation, or your information cannot be validated, we will be unable to meet.

I ask that you please complete my pre-screening form so that we can meet. The process is painless and the rewards are many.


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