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Q. Are you the person in the photos?

A. Of course I am. My photos are professionally done and current. I pride myself in keeping my website up-to-date and have new photos taken frequently.

Q. Are you a clock watcher?

A. This question always amuses me. In truth, everyone is a clock watcher. To say otherwise implies that someone can book a 2 hour appointment and stay all day. This is simply not the case. While I try to allow sufficient time for our appointment, I do like to stay within the confines of our allocated time without rushing things. This means that if we go over a few minutes, its fine. Beyond that, I would feel taken advantage of.

Q. What if we are having a great time and I want to stay?

A. That is the beauty of seeing someone with an exclusive clientele. I believe in quality and not quantity and often have extra time available should you wish to extend the appointment and compensate me. Remember, you are compensating me for my time and companionship only and additional time and compensation must be discussed and agreed upon.

Q. What if I have a wardrobe request?

A. I love to dress to impress. That said, we must also keep in mind that discretion is important. If you are requesting that I wear something extremely provocative or outlandish, I may choose to arrive a little more conservative and bring a change of clothing.

Q. Can I bring a camera or video reorder on our date?

A. Just as you value your privacy, mine is equally important to me. As such, no photographic or video equipment is allowed. You’ll have to rely on your memory to relive the moment or you can always come see me again to refresh your memory.

Q. What if I want to bring a girlfriend?

A. I would be happy to see both of you. However, I do insist that I have complete screening information on your both.

Isabella of Chicago

Q. I see that you have a minimum appointment duration. What if I would like a shorter appointment?

A. My minimum appointment time is intended to compensate me for all the time that I spend in preparation for our meeting. This includes behind-the-scenes activities such as; verifying your information, primping and preparing for our appointment and travel time, if any. Therefore, the minimum appointment time amount is more of a dollar minimum than a time minimum.

Q. I feel uncomfortable providing you with the information you have requested. Is there another method you can screen me.

A. Of course. If you belong to one of the following screening services, I will be happy to see you. I may, however, also ask for a provider reference in addition to the service. I accept Preferred 411. However, if you are not a member of a screening service and do not want to provide screening information, we will be unable to meet.

Q. Do you take last minute appointments?

A. To answer this would be difficult and is dependent upon a number of factors, including; have you been screened as time is required for screening and whether I have another commitment as time is required for screening.

Q. Do you have friends that you can have join us?

A. Yes, I do. However, keep in mind that we are now dealing with three schedules; yours, mine and the other person. Advance planning is required to ensure that our schedules match.

Q. I see that you have various packages available. Can we design a special package for our time?

A. I would be happy to design a special package for us. Just let me know the parameters (amount of time you wish to spend together and other specifics.)

Q. If I want to see you on a more frequent basis, is there anything we can do to make that happen? How will that affect your donation?

A. I see a number of clients with some regularity and often provide them with an incentive to visit me on a more frequent basis. Once we have seen each other and developed a rapport, we can discuss any incentives.

Q. I see that you require deposits for some appointments. Why is this?

A. If I’m traveling more than an hour from my location, I may require a 20% deposit to ensure that my travel time is covered.  When traveling to or with the client out-of -state or out of the country. I require a 50% deposit of the time we’ve allocated and pre-payment for my travel expenses.

Q. What is your expectation of me when we meet?

A. I take pride in my appearance. I arrive freshly showered and groomed and any cosmetics are tastefully applied. As such, I anticipate that you will have freshly showered, that your nails will be cleaned and trimmed and you are freshly shaved. I have sensitive skin and facial stubble is uncomfortable. If you have permanent facial hair, I would recommend that you apply hair conditioner to it in the shower to soften your beard or mustache so that it does not irritate my skin. Understanding that you may be visiting after a day of meetings or coming from the airport, I would be happy to let you use my shower upon your arrival.

Q. Where are you located?

A. I am located in an upscale location just off the Magnificent Mile. However, I am only a cab away from most of the downtown hotels and would be happy to see you. I am also available to visit you at O’Hare or other areas in the Chicago that are within a 1 hour driving distance. Additional compensation for my drive time, tolls, parking, etc. may apply.

Q. Do you provide reference requests and provider references?

From time-to-time I am asked for references from other individuals. This means that I am vouching for the character of the individual for whom the reference is being requested. I take this very seriously as we all should.

Let’s face it, we all change. I’d like to think that everyone changes for the better, but this is not always true. There are individuals whose recent actions may not be admirable. Rather than provide a recent reference, for obvious reasons, these individuals will provide an older reference from a time when they were on their best behavior.

Because I take safety seriously, I only provide references:

  • If I have seen you recently within the last 6 months or at least twice during the past year.
  • If you have provided some information that identifies you specifically as the person I met with. Its nice to know that your remembered our time together. So I ask that you provide information concerning the time frame that we met and where our meeting took place (your place or mine).

If it has been longer than 6 months and you wish to continue to use me as a reference, then I do request that you visit me again so that we can become reacquainted and your memory will remain fresh in my mind.

Please only use me as a reference if you were on your best behavior during our time together. You know if you were. Otherwise, while I don’t like to kiss and tell, I may have to say something less than flattering about you. Please don’t put me in that position.

Likewise, if you provide me with a reference, I would like the same courtesy. Please provide a recent reference and some information about when and where you met the other lady (did you visit her or did she visit you?)

Thank you!

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